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Energy Healing

All about the energy work that is the other art I practice.

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Lincoln Crockett Facebook Page

Pics, vids, dates, laughs.  Lets hang out.


My YouTube Channel.  New Content added often!

Lincoln's Twitter feed



Who knows what will turn up here?

Cross-eyed Rosie on Facebook

Back and on Facebook!

Cross-eyed Rosie's myspace

My acoustic band, back from hiatus!  Listen here...

Lincoln on MySpace

I never use this page, but you can listen here anytime...

Great Musicians

Chris Kokesh
Lincoln and Misty River Songstress make yin-yang twang
Matt Meighan

Portland-based songwriting guru and gentle smiling folkie.  Lincoln Produced Matt's first studio album in 2012!


One-of-a-kind contemplations of the heart

Brad Creel

Funny and ultra-honest folk music.

Nathaniel Talbot

Indie chamber folk music from this Whidbey Island farmer...

Hanz Araki

Fantastic Celtic Flute master, plays often with Kathryn Claire

Kathryn Claire

Wonderful fiddler and songwriter, plays often with Hanz Araki

Leela Grace

Portlander Leela and sister Ellie are a class folk act.

Alexa Wiley
Strong modern folk from Portland songstress.
The Josh Cole Band

I picked for Josh Cole's traditional bluegrass group in the '00's.  

Great Stuff

Carver Mandolins
Vancouver, Washinton-based luthier Chris Stanridge builds mandolins that ring clear and true, including Lincoln's black twin-point.
Wakepiont School for Energy Healing

Changed my life in fundamental way and helped me find a context for my skills and abilities.

Salmon Nation

'Sawdust Settler' went on the Salmon Nation Artist Project benefit compilation album.

Rosedrop Media Circus Podcasts

Now ancient history, Dan Linn's podcast series. Feautured Lincoln Sunday, August 13th, 2006!