NEXT Mon Oct 6 - Songwriter Circle With Cal & Richard!

Hey Pacific Northwesterly Compatriots,


I've been invited to crawl out from under my beloved rock and perform! ;-)


I'm truly honored to have been invited to join top-shelf PDX pro songwriters Cal Scott and Richard Moore for their bi-monthly Songwriter…


June 8, Kicking Matt Meighan Off! + news

"Kicking Matt Meighan off what?", you might ask.  If so you'd start to fall into a category of jokes my brother told me are called "Dad Humor".  Dad Humor is those kind of dumb, punny jokes your dad might make…


Chris Kokesh Reunion May 8 + Beaucoup Newsy Stuff!

Hi Musicaliscious Friend,


I like making up words (like musicaliscious) almost as much as finding gently ear-twisting chord changes (like C#maj9 to Abmaj7/C from Open Wide.  try it out, yum).  And one of my absolute favorite people to play…


Final in 3 Part Article at


Here's a YouTube playlist of Chris Kokesh and I playing over the years.  All ten of of them were taken by people in the audience.  Anyone have or know of others?  Our reunion show is coming up May 8:


New Article at

I want you to know how energy is a part of your life.  It'll begin to change the way you look at things.

This week I sent out a new Heal Schpeal, my energy work newsletter, titled How Your Life


Cross-eyed Rosie Reunites Saturday + MORE!!!

Cross-eyed Rosie is reuniting this Saturday, Dec 14 at the Laurelthirst in Portland, OR for our first show since 2010!  We've invited one of Oregon's hottest new bluegrass bands,Wayward Vessel, to open the evening.


Here are clips of…