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"My energy healing with Lincoln Crockett was my first ever. My experience of Lincoln as a spiritually resonant singer/songwriter had already convinced me of his ability to heal and channel. In the theraputic session with Lincoln, I felt deeply seen and supported. It was a profoundly moving experience and brought me to a new level of understanding and compassion for the challenges on my path. I highly recommend Lincoln as a guide and healer whose spiritual touch is as penetrating as his songs."

         - Lisa Lepine, ProMotion Queen, Portland, OR


"My first healing session with Lincoln was at a songwriting camp. I had hurt my right wrist four months earlier, causing soft tissue damage, and though I had gotten quality medical care, healing was very slow and I was still wearing a splint. My wrist was still too tender and unstable for even everyday activities, and playing music was problematic. Before five minutes had elapsed in our session, Lincoln had ascertained that, while the initial damage had been caused by physical trauma, the lingering effects were due to my survival mechanism making a last ditch attempt to keep me from following my heart’s path - in other words, it was trying to keep me safe. As Lincoln worked with my energy fields I could feel my heart open up and my fears ease. He counseled me to allow myself to be vulnerable. Later that day I decided to take the splint off and I’ve never had to use it again. But that’s not the best part. Starting with that session and continuing through monthly distance healing sessions, Lincoln has helped me overcome any number of emotional, psychological and spiritual blocks. My overall energy is much improved and I feel grounded and strong for the first time in my life. Lincoln has become an important ally and a great friend. I feel very fortunate to have found him."

         - PaulFifield - Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Bassist - Redwood City, CA


“Working with Lincoln was a psychedelic experience (albeit, a lucid, clarifying and grounding one) and I look forward to our next session.  We’re all in this together… Thanks Lincoln!”

         - Jesse Carmichael, Maroon 5, Los Angeles, CA


“I understood Lincoln was the ‘Peaceful Warrior’ type when I first met him years ago selling me a slice and a salad.  Though I knew little about energetic healing work back then, I went to see Lincoln for a few sessions with an open mind and receptive heart.  To this day I carry with me internal visions created in those early sessions and refer to them often to stay in touch with my core self.  I’m so delighted Lincoln has returned to his healing practice, offering us the opportunity to receive his gift during these changing and somewhat challenging times.  At my recent healing session, I entered feeling the effects of many types of grief weighing heavily on my heart, which was also having an impact on my physical health.  Such an amazing array of energetic and emotional sensations transpired in the course of that one session, and I left feeling lighter, more hopeful, and with a renewed sense of peace and calm.  I’ve continued to receive little gifts of insight each day since, and for these I am so grateful.  Blessings come to us in many forms, and we are all blessed since Lincoln has resumed his journey as a healer.  I would  encourage all to explore their inner light, using Lincoln as a fun and empowering guide.”

        - Cathy Eason, Holistic Nutritionist, Bodyworker & Health Educator, Portland OR


"Lincoln is my go to when stuff comes up. He can feel into the deepest truth of what is going on with me. Being an energy worker myself, I'm pretty choosey about who i let work on me. With Lincoln I feel completely safe, guided, and honored. I'm blown away at his ability to counsel with wisdom and compassion.  Each session leaves me lighter, clearer, and more in touch with myself."

        - Katie Todd, Artist & Renewal Energy Worker, Portland, OR


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