Art In The Pearl Monday :) 

Hi Good People,


Monday at noon I'll be swinging thru Portland to play on the Songwriter Stage at the 2017 Art In The Pearl arts festival. Can I play you a song or twelve? Come by and lets catch up.


If you've never been, Art In The Pearl [AIP] is a huge community event with over a hundred juried artists selling work ranging from fine wooden furniture to beautiful paintings to photography, glass, clay, metal, jewelry and way beyond.


The 20th Annual Festival will take place September 2-4th in the Pearl…

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Portland City Limits Saturday Nov 5!!! 

Hi Friend,


My heart wants to tell you thank you for all of the patience and unseen acts of kindness you show yourself, the ones you love and the world around you. Being a human being is beautiful and hard work.


Thank you for the time you take to get back in touch with what's good in life and in this moment. 'Cause a whoooooole lot is good! There's breathtakingly powerful and liberating stuff out there, which means its in you too. Thanks for nurturing it.


In support of all of the above let's do…

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Nathaniel Talbot & I in PDX tomorrow! AIP 9/5! 

Hi Friends!


Saturday, August 13th, 2016
Nathaniel Talbot and Lincoln Crockett - 7 pm
O'connor's Vault

7850 SW Capital Highway
Portland, OR 97219

Price: $12 advance / $15 day of

I love Nathaniel. He's soooooo goooooooood. Right up my alley. We're lucky that this farmer hits the road once in a while, and I'm fortunate to get to play with him. He's a musical brother from another mother, for sure. Join us for an evening of jazz-stretched folk chords, finger picking, bluegrass inflections, soul-pop…

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Songwriters in Hood River 7/13 and much more!!! 

Hi MusicLovers,

Please mark your calendars for 3 upcoming music events:


#1 - Steve HaleTracy Klas and I will be at Songwriters In The Round at the Hood River County Library on July 13, one week from today! We'll take turns sharing songs, stories and talking about the craft of songwriting. Everyone at last year's event had such a great time that we're doing it again. :) 


#2 - Put a Save The Date on Saturday August 13! Nathaniel Talbot and I are putting together a gig in Portland at O'Connor's Vault…

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Lincoln Crockett & Pat Hull, June 22! 

Hey Gang,


Howzitbeengoing? I miss sharing the muse-ics with you, and if you go stalk my pics on the FB - go ahead, do this now - you'll see what I've been consumed with of late.


So when Matt Miner swooped in and invited me to join Pat Hull when he tours through Portland, I said YES.


Pat is great, see for yourself what he's up to at his website, or better yet, here he is on the YouTubes. Go get to know him!


And then come see us.



Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016
Lincoln Crockett and Pat Hull - 7 pm

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11/21 Houseconcert in Trout Lake with Nathaniel Talbot!! 

Howdy Stranger,


Has it been a long time? It sure feels like it! Since the last time I wrote you in April I have been beavering away on buidling my own cabin. Verdict: It's wet. It's 10,000 things that all have to go basically right. I am behind schedule. And I am absolutely loving it. Stop by Facebook and I'll share pics with you as I post them.


Two of my closest musical brothers are putting out new cd's!


Tonight I'll be joining Brad Creel & The Reel Deel at Everybody's Brewing in White Salmon, WA

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Mo Phillips Rocks for Cystic Fibrosis 4/18!!! 

Good Neighbor,


As many of you know, my son has Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic condition that thickens mucus in his body. His mother and I have recessive defective genes that actually helped our northern European ancestors survive cholera. Get two of these genes together and you've got CF. Malaria and sickle cell anemia work the same way in people with African ancestry. 


Enter Mo Phillips, an old friend I've mentioned many times before and one of my favorite musicians. He just so happens to write songs…

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LinkList: Rita Hosking 3/27!!! 

Hi Friends & Neighbors,


Shows preview themselves for me in my mind's eye. I imagine how awesome or terrible they will be.


But for next Friday 3/27 I don't have to. This isn't that show. Rita Hosking is as pure and honest as they come. We did a show in 2013 and loved it. If you're a folk or Americana fan, you'll be lucky to have seen her. Maybe you know this already.


I'll perform an opening set, and then join Rita in hers. She'll also bringing her husband, banjo/dobro player Sean Feder. A power trio!

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Fourteen Dangerous Strings 2/28! >:-) 

Guitarist Jim McKeon understands how my musical heart & mind works.


I pick an odd chord, he throws on the extensions. Those are the extra notes that make jazz rich.


He does aikido, I do energy work. We are comfortable in unpredictable circumstances where alert flow is paramount.


Matt Miner is presenting us together in "Fourteen Dangerous Strings", a speakeasy-style show at Mississippi Pizza Pub, Saturday, Feb 28th. Sponsored by Paperjam Press


Jim and I will playfully, enjoy, deconstruct and…

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Houseconcert with Beth Wood Jan 4th!!! 

Hi Friendly Neighbor,


This happens right after the new year so mark your calendar now!


On January 4, 2015 I am honored and lucky enough to be invited to play the Doverlaff House Concert Series with Beth Wood. Not only is Beth one of my favorite songwriters and people around, but this series - hosted by songwriter Dan Dover and his wife Cheryl Mitzlaff - has featured heavy-hitters like Keith Greeninger, Johnsmith, Danny Schmidt, The Barn Birds and SO many more!


So its special!




Sunday, January

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