Fourteen Dangerous Strings 2/28! >:-)

Guitarist Jim McKeon understands how my musical heart & mind works.


I pick an odd chord, he throws on the extensions. Those are the extra notes that make jazz rich.


He does aikido, I do energy work. We are comfortable in unpredictable circumstances where alert flow is paramount.


Matt Miner is presenting us together in "Fourteen Dangerous Strings", a speakeasy-style show at Mississippi Pizza Pub, Saturday, Feb 28th. Sponsored by Paperjam Press


Jim and I will playfully, enjoy, deconstruct and illuminate the musical harmony and density I've deliberately worked into songs throughout my career, from Cross-eyed Rosie to the present.


Here's an example: This is us doing "Glory Halelujah", one of my live staples for years. This is also track 1 on Play In The Yard. The video is part documentary and part embarrassing selfie war. Just watch and laugh.


Come for dinner, come for drinks, dig the music, snap your fingers instead of clapping. The atmosphere is loose jazz club, and you are the beatniks. Bring your beret, I guess. Kids are welcome too.




Saturday, February 28th, 2015
"Fourteen Dangerous Strings" - Lincoln Crockett & Jim McKeon - 6 - 8 pm
Mississippi Pizza Pub

3552 N Mississippi St
Portland, OR 97220

Price: $5-15 donation at the door




How did we arrive at the title? We actually had to check this ourselves. Uh, mandolin + guitar = got it. 


...and pssst: It'll be Jim's birthday too. We hope you'll join us.

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