<center><b>Lincoln Crockett<br>IN PICTURES

Lincoln Crockett: In Pictures
Featuring: Sight Of Love Dying Kind Takin' A Break Give A Man A Hug Why Do We Hurt The Ones We Love The Twelve Step Waltz Summerbird Beautiful Heart Hard Heart Ya Gotta Know Light Falling

<center><b>Lincoln Crockett<br>PLAY IN THE YARD

Lincoln Crockett: Play In The Yard
Featuring: Glory Halelujah When Will You Come Home Dog Mississippi Moonrise Psychopaths Little Cabin Home Nothing Makes Me Feel Good Moonbeams & Kerosene I Begin Dreaming New Day

<center><br>Lincoln Crockett<br>ANGELS & DEVILS ALIKE<br>

LINCOLN CROCKETT: Angels & Devils Alike buy this CD at CD Baby
Lincoln's first full length cd!
Released in September '07 with a sold out show at Portland's unparalleled Mississippi Studios, this album was called "gorgeous" by the Willamette Week and given a fantastic half-page review in the Oregonian.

Sawdust Settler
Gone Away
Nothing Makes Me Feel Good
Open Wide
When Will You Come Home
Maybe Souls
Abraham's Lament
I Begin Dreaming
Feels So Good
If You Don't Love Me By Now

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<center><br>Lincoln Crockett<br>MAKE LOVE MUSIC<br><br>

album cover
buy this CD at CD Baby This 8-Song EP finds Lincoln running just some of the gamut of his songwriting and arranging abilities, from full-band pop-rock to rockin' folk tunes, to modern spirituals, grooves and jazz. Recorded in Boulder, Colorado and Portland, Oregon with help from his musical friends and family, MLM is a beautiful snapshot, featuring:

You Blew My Cool
Sante Fe
Be Real
Sarah's Always True
Peace Piece

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<center><br><br><br><br>Cross-eyed Rosie<br> ADJUSTED<br><br>

album cover
buy this CD at CD Baby Cross-eyed Rosie's second release is out now, featuring Lincoln on mandolin and shared lead vocals, as well as original songs he penned specially for Rosie. Lincoln joins bandmates Alli, Jon, Jason & Ellie on a record that captures their contagious energy and the fun these tremendous musicians have playing together.

<center><br><br>Cross-eyed Rosie<br>LOOKIN' UP</center>

album cover
buy this CD at CD Baby Cross-eyed Rosie's first release finds Lincoln on mandolin and vocals, adding his originals to Rosie's signature high-energy bluegrass/folk mix. This is the album that propelled the group from packing coffeehouses to regional notoriety and garnered national attention.