From the recording Sawdust Settler


Pile the dust on the ground
'til my shoes don't make no sound
and all I hear is just my lonely heart a'cryin'
Never you mind, what I done,
where I been or where I'm from
I got these blues, it's all for you
that I been cryin'

I drank my full of push and pull
It wore me down, my edges dull
'til my heart's all but cut away
I cry to God just to show
why I come and why I go,
but sawdust is all he'll say

Tell my boys to let 'em be
It's all for you, it's all for me
But the good lord's gotta take His weary time
There will be more before too long
but the way we go it'll all be gone
and you gonna want to close your weary eye

There ain't a flag in the world
that ain't had it's edges curled
but the touch of the winds of time
Nothing will be what it was
and it's all just because
I held a saw in these hands of mine
I held a saw in these hands of mine

copyright 2007 Lincoln Crockett