1. Be Real

From the recording Be Real


It's more than what I sing
It's more than what we say
there is a light that's shinin' on you each and every day

So may the universe
smile on my every act
We walk in golden footsteps
In our favor the deck is stacked

May my every quiet prayer
Sow a healing seed
Cuz love wants for us
what we do not even know we need

Be Real
Be Real

Maybe you've gone from top of the world
To the world upon your back
Gone from doin' what you will
to 'Lord, will I always lack?'

Well there's no need to run away
When all you know is fear
There is a patient love that's sitting with you
whispering in your ear

Be Real
Be Real

When you go from here
This you will never come again
No more to take the shape
Of the shoes you're in
Dressed up in your skin

Who you are right now is no accident
Cuz you are made from finer stuff
sown together from this love
You are fine, and that's enough

Be Real
Be Real

copyright 2004 Lincoln Crockett